Lahti Pride is a human rights event open to everyone. It is organised annually by Lahden SETA ry. The Finnish government, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, declared on March 16th a state of emergency in Finland over the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to taking various measures, the government appeals to everyone to avoid all social gatherings and to avoid spending unnecessary time in public spaces. This has an effect on the Pride events organised in Finland.

To do our part in the fight against coronavirus we have decided to move the Lahti Pride festival forward by one year from May. Your health is our priority, and we hope that with this decision we are able to curb the strain on health care systems for our part.

Lahti Pride 2021 will be held from May 17th to 23rd 2021. The theme for the Lahti Pride 2021 festival is “Love at every age”. The aim of the program is to facilitate interaction between different generations.

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The first Lahti Pride festival of all time was organised in 2014 and since then, with the exception of one year, we have brought people together every year at parades, public celebrations, courses, parties, art exhibitions, other cultural events and peer group meetings.

The event is organised, yet again, solely by volunteers. Local companies and organisations are also involved, and collaboration with them is an extremely important part of a successful Pride event.