Lahti Pride -march

Join us for the Pride march! Traditional Lahti Pride parade will proceed from the market place to the harbour.

We start organising on the marketplace at 12.30 and the parade will start at 13, so please come in good time.

The route is even, but will feature some cobbled streets, narrow parts, different pavings and curbs as well as sandy paths. The length or the route is approximately 2,5 km. The parade will walk along the pavement, so make sure there are no more than 4 people walking side by side.

The tail end of the procession is kept as silent as possible for those with e.g. kids or pets.

The chant is:

Lahti Pride – Lahti kuuluu kaikille! (Lahti belongs to everyone)

Lahti Pride – Oikeus olla turvassa! (Right to be safe)

There will be security stewards and a first aid team walking along the procession.

Kuvat: Monica Mustamo

Before the parade you can prepare your signs at SPR Lahti. Please read more from the daily programme.

The parade will conclude at Lahti harbour, where you can take part in the Lahti Pride daytime party.